AI Consultant Procurement

Enjoy AI is an innovative startup advisory firm specializing in procurement. We specialize in the implementation and application of Artificial Generative Intelligence (AGI), including ChatGPT. We are at the forefront of harnessing AGI to transform procurement processes, data analysis, and decision-making within procurement. Through consulting, workshops, information, and service offerings, we empower our clients to maximize the power of AGI. Our goal is to enhance procurement performance and efficiency.

Location: Enjoy AI, Breda, Netherland. Fulltime

Key responsibilities:

Guidance and advice:

Workshops  & Training:

Data Extraction & Preparation:

AI Powered Spend analyse:

Utilizing the Sustainability Assistant Service:

Customer Relationship Management:


What do we offer you as a AI Consultant Procurement?


Does the challenge of fully dedicating yourself to combining your consultancy skills with AI on procurement issues appeal to you from now on?

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