About Enjoy AI
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What we do

Enjoy AI focusesspecifically on the development and application of Artificial GeneralIntelligence (AGI) within the purchasing domain. An important development isthe rise of 'agent(s)'. An 'agent' in the context of AGI is an autonomousentity or system, empowered by artificial intelligence, that is capable oflearning independently, interacting with its environment and performing varioustasks.

Our Focus

At Enjoy AI wefocus on creating AGI agents who can perform any intellectual task within thepurchasing function that humans or animals can do, with a specific focus ontasks within the purchasing function.


Knowledge of thecontent and practice is essential. That is why we at Enjoy AI have chosen tofocus specifically on helping the purchasing function. As a result, we fullyempathize with the challenges that purchasing faces and we speak the languageof the purchasing professional.

Our Mission

Our mission is toguide organizations in utilizing the enormous potential value of AGI. We focusspecifically on the unique challenges and issues within the procurement sector.We are fully aware that AGI is a nascent and rapidly evolving field and that itis crucial for companies to keep up with its exponential developments to remaincompetitive.

Our Approach

We recognize thatevery organization and individual employee is at a different stage ofdevelopment and understanding when it comes to AGI. That is why we offertailor-made support at every stage of the learning process. We assist ourcustomers in their learning curve, to ensure that they benefit optimally fromthe transformative power of AGI and can thus realize a fundamentally positiveimpact on their organization.


With ChatGPT, weare taking a significant step toward creating advanced AGI agents that canrevolutionize the way organizations function. Join us on this exciting journeyand discover how Enjoy AI can transform your organization through the power ofChatGPT!

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