Workshop ChatGPT
February 27 2024

‘ChatGTP Booster for Procurement’

Workshop Enjoy AI in corporation with e-proQure

With ChatGPT, you can solve both simple and more complex procurement challenges yourself. Do you want to learn and experience how to use this new AI technology to support your procurement department? Then this hands-on workshop, "ChatGPT Booster for Procurement," on February 27, 2024, is perfect for you. After this workshop, you can start using ChatGPT directly within your own work environment. Enjoy AI is offering this workshop in collaboration with e-proQure, a knowledge center for procurement digitization.

What does the Workshop deliver?

By participating in this workshop, you will gain an understanding of what ChatGPT is conceptually, learn how to work with it, understand how ChatGPT can support the procurement department, and be able to introduce it into your own work environment. You will receive practical tools to safely and productively harness the added value of AI within procurement and understand its boundaries and risks. We also reflect on the latest developments around ChatGPT and show what is possible within the paid version of ChatGPT.

What are the learning points?

After attending the workshop,

For whom is it intended?

The workshop is intended for procurement professionals, managers, buyers, procurement advisors, procurement (data) analysts, and contract managers in both the private and public sectors. No technical (ICT) knowledge is required. The Workshop is in Dutch (English on request).

Locatie, datum en tijd

Beatrixgebouw conferentiecentrum, Jaarbeursplein 6, 3521 AL Utrecht
Date: February 27 2024. Time: 2:00 - 5:00 PM. Following the workshop, there is a drinks reception from 5:00 PM to 6:00 PM.


The cost is € 295 excluding VAT per person. It includes coffee, tea, and the drinks reception. All participants will receive a certificate of participation.

It is also possible to organize this ChatGPT workshop at your organization or with your team at your location.

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Your Trainer

Mr. Rob van Coevering is a data analyst at heart, specializing in the application of advanced AI technologies to procurement processes and challenges. Since 2021, he has been developing (intelligent) algorithms for complex procurement issues in both the private and public sectors through his company, Enjoy AI. These advanced algorithms address strategic, tactical, and operational procurement challenges. Enjoy AI integrates ChatGPT and other tools within the procurement function for its clients.

Terms and Conditions

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