Price Fluctuation Explorer

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Enhanced insights

Enhanced insights on price changes are coming your way. To this end, Enjoy AI introduces a unique and advanced Price Fluctuation Explorer that quickly gives you more detailed insight into the price fluctuations of your purchase-related products and services. All this based on your billing data.

Would you like to know what the price fluctuation of your main suppliers looks like andhow volatile the prices are, or would you like to know for the brands you purchase, or for each product category or a specific asset or project? Then use the unique Price Fluctuation Explorer based on your own invoice data.

After the data processing has been carried out, you will receive a link to our PowerBI online environment, after which you can explore the price fluctuations.


Innovative and unique!

If you buy the same thing every day, the development of the price is easy to determine. You will immediately notice whether the product has become more expensive or cheaper for you.

It gets more complicated if you periodically purchase different quantities of different products. Today you have lost a lot more because the price has increased and you may buy a lot more of it. The price increase feels heavier and takes on more weight. To calculate the price increase correctly, it is important to calculate it on the basis of the weighted average.

However, it becomes quite a challenge for the calculation and visualization of the price fluctuations if you purchase different products with different price increases and different quantities and at different times.

Zuiver Analytics has taken up this challenge and has developed a new innovative algorithm that brings the price fluctuation to life.

What is the added value?

  • You are better able to substantiate budgets and forecasts based on facts.
  • No more requesting interim quotations from your suppliers for budget estimates, which can worsen the negotiating position.
  • Assessing price changes that the supplier implements.
  • Reviewing price changes to supplier contracts.
  • Better preparation for the supplier meeting.
  • Improving the use of item codes or categories to get a better grip on purchasing related expenses.

Workshop Price Fluctuations

To get the full value from the Price Fluctuation Explorer dashboard and Index report, we offer your team the opportunity to follow a hands-on workshop. This workshop focuses on the theory and calculations behind the Price Fluctuations and how you can gain new insights from them.

The workshop consists of the following components:

  • The theory behind the phenomenon of price fluctuation, price index and volatility.
  • Dataset editing: cleaning, editing and aggregating pricing information.
  • Handling practical cases: Exploring price fluctuations and interpreting the insights.

After the Price Fluctuations workshop you will be able to work effectively with the Price Fluctuation Explorer yourself.

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