Technology alone is not enough

Creating value

Experience has shown that data has great potential, but that no value will come out if we do not know whether the data is in order and how to interpret the results. We support you step by step by sharing our experiences and knowledge with our clients. We offer support with data extraction and understanding the result. Our goal: to create value for your organization.

Data specification

You will receive the data specification from us at the start of the analysis process. Here it is accurately described which data fields are minimally necessary and which are optional. In principle, your organization can start generating the dataset with this.

Generating the dataset

In the event that generating the dataset is a challenge for your organization, we are happy to use our knowledge and experience to help your organization with this.

The supplied dataset is always first checked by a Enjoy AI algorithm. You will receive a report on the dataset in which any deviations found in the dataset are mentioned. Based on this report, you are able to quickly improve the dataset.

SAP Systeem

If you have a SAP system, we also supply the selection query (MS SQL) for the right data extraction.

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